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Don't just "think about it"

Moments ago, I received a call from an individual. I had spoken with him two weeks ago about health insurance. We had gone over options and I helped him to create a plan that both fit his budget and had great coverage. He decided to take some time to “think about it.” This ended up being a very bad decision for him.

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Don't JUST Think About It

I fully understand that “thinking about it” is important when it comes to health insurance. It is also both a critical decision and can be an expensive decision, so I understand the need to make a GOOD decision. However, when someone does not have ANY health insurance coverage in place, it is both a very hard decision, but a necessary decision.

It is a hard decision, because this person now has to begin thinking of paying a health insurance premium that their budget may not be accustomed to at the time. This can be very financially painful. I get it. However, it is also a very necessary decision because getting health insurance in place BEFORE something happens is crucial. Imagine if something were to happen during that time when you have no effective health insurance?

That is exactly what happened to the individual I mentioned above. He decided to wait on getting the health insurance so he could “think about it”. I had tried to contact him by phone several times since we had our great discussion and laid out a great plan for his health insurance coverage. I was unsuccessful in reaching him. Until today.

I was finally able to contact him late this morning. At the beginning of our conversation, he said, “I had a bit of a medical incident last week.” He went on to describe the head-on car accident he was involved with in which his car was totaled, he had several busted ribs, some head trauma, and spent five days in the hospital. A truly terrible situation.

My heart sank as he shared with me his unfortunate turn of events. He has a long road to recovery ahead of him. This is in addition to the medical bills that he will be experiencing due to his choice to “think about it” and wait too long to get health insurance in place. While I didn’t mention it to him, I was thinking how the plan I had customized for him would have only had a $500 deductible.

If you are on the fence about getting health insurance, or not…if you have a health insurance plan, but are unhappy with the benefits it provides…if you need new coverage for whatever reason…don’t wait until it is too late. Remember, health insurance is designed to cover medical incidents that occur unexpectedly. It must be in place “before” the incident occurs. Do not wait, do not “think about it” too long. Make the decision and move forward with establishing your peace of mind.

If you are in need of a free, no-obligation quote for health insurance, please contact our office, DO NOT take too long to “think about it”. We would be happy to help you explore all your options and help you determine the best available plan for your situation. When you make the wise decision to acquire a great health insurance plan, you will exchange the “think about it” for having “peace about it”.


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